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motorsport news update | motorcycle modification | motorbike design style | EICMA 2010: Aprilia Tuono V4R unveiled

The much anticipated Aprilia Tuono V4R was unveiled at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan and is planned for arrival in the United States at the end of 2011. As the name implies, the Tuono V4R is powered by Aprilia’s V4 65-degree engine that churns out a claimed 162 horsepower. Aprilia is not shy about singing the Tuono praises, calling it the “fiercest naked ever seen” and “a bike that goes beyond the wildest dreams of even the most hardcore enthusiasts.”

The Tuono’s power was obtained by reconfiguring the engine from the RSV4 Factory APRC SE. Also inherited from the RSV4 SE is the new exhaust system with bypass valve, which is about 4.5 pounds lighter than the system on the RSV4 R, as well as the latest generation ride-by-wire throttle control.

This naked gets its power from infamous Aprilia’s V4 engine.
According to Aprilia, the main differences from its race track sibling are closer spacing between the three first gear ratios and a maximum torque 81 ft-lbs on tap 1000 rpm lower.

Unique to the Tuono is the aerodynamic new top fairing tipped with two polyelliptical headlights. Aprilai says this gives the bike “the unequivocally mean, daunting stare that you'd expect from a machine with an incredible 162 horsepower.”

Tuono riders will also be able to take advantage of APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control). This is the second generation of Aprilia’s electronic dynamics control package. APRC is based on an automotive inertia sensor platform, with two gyrometers and two accelerometers allowing the ECU to determine the dynamic state of the motorcycle and control engine torque accordingly.

The APRC package includes ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), with eight selectable levels, which controls sliding when accelerating out of a curve in relation to bank angle and throttle aperture, AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), which helps the rider control extreme wheelying by gradually bringing the front wheel back to the ground, and AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift), which allows instantaneous upshifts without closing the throttle or using the clutch. Completing the suite of four functions is ALC (Aprilia Launch Control).

Other features on the Truno V4R include: Brembo brake system with radial callipers and 320 mm floating discs at the front (220 mm at the rear), aluminum wheels with an all-new design weighing about 4.5 pounds less than those on the RSV4 R, Sachs upside down front fork with stanchions coated with titanium nitride for reduced friction, and Sachs shock absorber with separate piggy back nitrogen canister featuring adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping and length.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

motorsports |motorcycle modification |new motor bikes |EICMA 2010: Ducati Diavel and Monster EVO Unveiling

Fransesco Rapisarda, Gabriele del Torchio and Diego Sgerbati introduced us into Ducati’s financial and marketing status before Claudio Domenicali entered the stage and introduced all the news starting with the Superbike family we already know from Intermot that I have already tested at Imola. Then Domenicali continued with the EICMA news starting of with the Monster family where the Monster 1100 EVO is new. The 1100 EVO gets the Hypermotard 100hp engine, new exhaust with new tubing at the front similar to what’s on the Diavel. It also gets traction control.

Then it was time for the big one everybody had been waiting for – the Diavel. After showing several new videos showing the Diavel in action the stage exploded in light and smoke as a female rider rode the Diavel on to the stage. After some banter about the rider having to move off the bike so that we could appreciate the Diavel without any eye candy two more Diavels entered the stage. One white/aluminum colored and one in all black. The Red/black version is called Diavel Carbon and as the name implies it gets lots of carbon fiber bits.

Ducati revealed that the 1200cc engine is a devil indeed with figures claiming 162hp @ and 128Nm @ 8,000rpm. The Diavel gets DTC and ABS slightly modified from the items on the Multistrada 1200. New is also an extra display on the fuel tank dealing with the rider aids. The LCD panel is made from pretty much the same goodies as modern smart phones.

Interestingly Ducati has developed the bike to feature an all new rear tire size with Pirelli. The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso II in 240/45-ZR17 has an extremely low profile that makes the bike look menacing from the back coupled with an equally wide tail section. The front end is dominated by a huge round headlight flanked by what look like air intakes. The seat height is very low at 30.3 in. and the seat is well padded and looks comfy. ABS on Brembo monoblock brakes will be interesting to test. The bike is very long and it looks like the front would be pushed a bit with those powerful brakes and long wheelbase. The fuel tank carries 4.5 gal. of fuel.

One thing is for certain and that is if you want to run with the devil, or Diavel, you are going to need some hair on your chest. It’s a very macho and un-Italian bike. I asked Domenicali whether the development team had any US input, but he categorically denied this stating it was a 100% Italian effort. There’s also an issue with categorizing this bike as Ducati stands hard on claiming they have created a new segment. Whatever Ducati says, this bike will be compared with uneven competition such as the Harley-Davidson Muscle/V-Rod, Yamaha V-Max, Suzuki B-King, Moto Guzzi Griso 8V and perhaps even Triumph Rocket III Roadster. The way I see it they all belong together in a type of muscle cruiser bruiser streetfighting soup of delightful torque and power. Harley-Davidson could have built a bike such as the Diavel when it developed the V-Rod with Porsche. However, Erik Buell once told me that that’s what he wanted to do, but the corporate Milwaukee muscle opted for something nearer to a traditional H-D product and bulked up as they always do.

The Diavel weighs in at what for this type of bike is an ultralight claimed 463 pounds. The whole Diavel project is a bit of a gamble for Ducati which it admits to when asked who its customer for this bike is. But we guess Ducati has applied the philosophy of “let’s build it and they’ll come.”

I personally need the design to grow a little bit on me. Let’s put it this way, I’m not completely convinced Wolverine would suit the Diavel. It remains to be seen whether the Diavel can achieve the same iconic profile as the V-Rod. A bike like this is bought with the heart through the eyes, not necessarily with what’s best through your right hand on the twisties. Let’s hope it can do well, I love the name!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yamaha M1 Lorenzo MotoGP Bike Appears in 2010 Jakarta Motor Show

Yamaha M1 – Front View
If you MotoGP fans do not miss the mat Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 which will take place beginning today, 3-7 November 2010 in Jakarta Convention Center. There will be exhibited mounts 2010 MotoGP world champion, Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies. You can come directly to the Yamaha booth to see more details or pictures taken in front of the Yamaha M1.
Yamaha M1 – Side View
Yamaha M1 at 2010 Jakatra Motor Show
Yamaha M1 – Tire View
 Yamaha M1 – Dashboard View
Yamaha M1 – Muffler View
Images by Dapurpacu.com
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Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 Pictures

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Aprilia FV2 1200 Monster Concept Bike 2010 Pictures

Aprilia FV2 1200 Monster Concept best pict

Aprilia FV2 1200 Monster Concept best pict

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi Launch

 The car of Bajaj presented the motor cycle of cruiser of new ground, the avenger of Bajaj 200 DC SDR-I on the market. Evaluated at Rs 64.830, this bicycle uses the technology of SDR-I which comes with pulsar. The avenger of Bajaj SDR-engine of 200 DC provides 17.5 picoseconds to 8000 t/mn in couple of 16.78 nanometer with 6000 t/mn. The current model of avenger with the engine of 180 DC employs also the technology of SDR-I patented by Bajaj Auto.
However, the engine of new avenger 200 DC SDR-I of Bajaj can precipitate to the top a speed of 115 kilometers per hour. This new motor cycle of car of Bajaj has an engine cooled by the oil which helps to preserve the viscosity of oil to the high RPMs engine. In this way, new the 200cc avenger SDR-I beats easily the execution of the original bicycle 180cc. With its Yamaha motor cycle of competitor being manufactured more, the very clear road for avenger 200 DC SDR-I of Bajaj.
The launching of avenger 200 DC DTS-I of Bajaj was accompanied by an advertisement that its manufacturing, automobile company of Bajaj will gradually take a step starting from the 100 bicycles low-margin and of the incursion of DC into the more lucrative and larger segment of motor cycles. The initiates of company claim that the bicycle of avenger of 200 CC Bajaj will certainly be used to increase the pleasure of goes up on the Indian roads. With naming traditional, allowance of the places comfortable and smart looking at devices, this bicycle is placed to encourage you to feel like God.

New Kawasaki KX450F

 Will it allotment technology with the works bikes? Will it be a bigger apparatus in every way? Motorcycle.com got arrive by Kawasaki to examination their latest weapon in the MX wars, and we showed up anticipating admirable things. Kawasaki hosted this accident at the anew opened Pala Raceway, on the Pala Indian catch in Southern California. At a columnist intro, usually you get bikes that accept been burst in, bankrupt up with new artificial and tires, so the testers get machines with the “bugs” formed out of them. Not this time, all the bikes were new, with aught hours on them. There were three mechanics assigned to anniversary annual crew: two Kawasaki techs and one Kayaba man. We alike had a annoy guy from Bridgestone to audit the abrasion our addition was putting on the Bridgestone 404s advanced and back, and it accepted to be an accomplished motocross annoy for the sun-baked adobe that makes up a SoCal MX track.Engineers aimed at giving the KX450F better overall balance and stability – especially for more aggressive riders. What we discovered from our first impression is that the 2010 KX likes to be ridden hard. The harder you push it, the better it seems to perform.

Yamaha VMax Concept Bike

 Yamaha and fashion house Hermes teamed up to design the ultimate fusion of luxury and power V-Max Concept Bike , which has just been unveiled at the Cologne Show. The finishing touches on the £20,000 V-Max concept bike include buffalo leather, brushed aluminum mirrors, meter case and exhaust. Yamaha and Hermes worked together on a similar project on a Virago 15 years ago.

Modifikasi Honda Tiger Streetfighter

When I first saw this bike, fresh impression which directly recorded. The grim shadow of motor sport as the theme streetfighter lost already. Moreover, the motor is 16 years old, quite old really. Here the flair of the modifier to make the bike look attractive with the right choice in various. For example, for the tail. With clever Erfan Nurdianto pinch Ninja-style display 250. "It's a new bike again many diomongin.'s Why I use tail design let people simply tempted," Erfan open about the reasons for selecting the stern design.Of course, to be made that there is debris in the framework of the sector back. "Spine dumped about 15 cm so that the tail can be made more nungging," said skipper K-Cau Modification (K-CM), Magelang this.

All workmanship-fiber body count. Starting from front to back. "Just to tank using a condom the system, so the original was still inside," added the man who is also the owner of the motor itself. For the business of this body Erfan fans hodgepodge. If the rear of the Ninja, the front doi instead taking ideas from Ducati. "For the principle, if we could integrate the hodgepodge that will remain good," he replied diplomatically when confirmed about body changes. Another thing that is unique enough to confirm this bike to be great, then made a kind of deltabox which apparently was only a mere variation. "Uniquely was made using aluminum plate though. Of course, though more polished impression. It is also easy to establish," added the father of this princess. A clever innovation.In addition, Erfan also with fitting can grimy head lamp from Kawasaki Athlete 125. "With a body design is more fitting Athlete lamp life. As well, this new option and not a lot of applications," proud citizen Jl. Banyan VI, No. 5, Magelang, Central Java.

Modif Suzuki Spin Can-Am Spyder

 As a result of a collision of three months and make a frame is damaged, Spin 2006 Suzuki tilled Hans Han's House of Custom (HM), Bogor. The result is a three-wheel Spin derived directly in the event MOTOR Plus Skubek Contezt 2010 in Senayan, Jakarta, some time ago. Model HM supertrike fairly bold claim. MOTOR Plus still remember when skubek more often contrived so the ATV. If the base model essentially trike skubek machine, baseball a lot."As I recall only one motor in Jogja. So, I try to work on a trike. But, honestly all still worked in a hurry. So still a lot of lack, "beber Hans of home modifications that open outlets in Jl. Ciheleut, Bogor.The concept trike HM baseball bear. HM took the basic design of three-wheel motor-owned celebrity Raffi Ahmad that his girlfriend had Crossfade. "Well, I forgot what brand," Hans brief.Trike Raffi Ahmad was named Can-Am Spyder. Never directly covered during an exhibition MOTOR Plus Bangkok International Motor Show 30th, 2009.
Hans would be honest if there are still many who must in this trikenya. HM arable trike is in some parts. The most basic three-wheel HM baseball could retreat. In fact, three wheels atret baseball can make a difficult landlord. "For now I just rely on spin directly from the machine. Need extra cost if you want to be back, "said 25-year single. Continues, electric starter system. Electric starter driven flows directly from the bobbin. Nah no longer prisoners or storage in the battery. "When the collision, the condition of the cable so baseball mad. Become, ngeraba for making electrical kemabli normal conditions, "Hans-attack.Of course there are still used as a base change from a three-wheeled two-wheeler. Aka axle drive shaft system to facilitate two-tire applied lightly moved right-left. Options axle of the Suzuki Carry. Carry a small axle. Continues, the response to move the tire more quickly than the other axle that moved into the motor, "said a specialist Hans motorcycle modification concept.In addition to the basic change from two wheel to wheel three which is designed sip, bodywork was quite perfect. Models Can-Am Spyder contrived so minimalist. The front is very close to the facade of Can-Am Spyder.

Choppers-Bobbers Hidemo Japanese Style Custom

This is The Picture of Choppers-Bobbers Hidemo Japanese Style Custom Motorcycles :
2006 XL883 Japan Chopper

 1985 Harley Davidson Hidemo Japan Chopper

 Hidemo custom motorcycles are acclaimed central and alfresco of Japan as actuality top cleft and accept won them several awards and appeared on the covers of abounding a custom bike annual worldwide. Their accomplished projects affection a ambit of custom Choppers, Bobbers and Cafe Racers maily based on Harley’s but you will acquisition the casual Japanese architect in their gallery. Their Cafe Racer projects appearance the change of their appearance over the years and the admeasurement to which their custom allotment ambit has evolved.
1996 XL1200S Old Chpper Style

1998 XL1200S Trail Chopper Bike

Bajaj Pulsar 200cc Modification

 Motor Bajaj Pulsar 220 was originally in red color body. But the owner changed little in this body. As you can see now, as you can see, this motor body changed into a white color with a bit of a cool graphic style. Very similar plates with license plates yamaha R6, like you see in the bajaj Superbike. Motor modification cost is estimated for 525 USD.