Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2011 Honda Mid Concept Scooter – Side angel View

 Honda claims that this new Mid- Concept will offer the energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the ease and convenience of a scooter. This sector shattering combination of features creates a bike that is both visually dynamic and enjoyable to ride. The latest engine technology along with the advanced Dual Clutch Transmission system will also be seen on the new Mid- Concept; with Honda now looking forward to extend the DCT technology to more range of motorcycles this coming year. The foot-forward position on the Mid- Concept has been adapted to provide comfort for the rider and offer additional protection from weather. The newly designed 17 inch wheels with PRO-LINK rear suspension add to the motorcycle look and enhance high speed stability and maneuverability with the optimum size radial tyres giving a sporty ride. The front fairing air vents coupled with the larger wheels will deliver greater stability when riding at higher speeds.

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